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  • BlackBerry Storm Review
    By mobile phones on May 17, 2009 | Comments Off on BlackBerry Storm Review

    Research In Motion (RIM) has introduced a brand new business phone, BlackBerry Storm.

    The sleek design of the touch screen phone has made BlackBerry way to compete with the iPhone.

    BlackBerry Storm proves to iPhone that BlackBerry still have a bite in the phone market in business.

    If you’re a business user who wants to get an iPhone, you may want to consider the BlackBerry Storm as an option.

    But please read the BlackBerry Storm review before making a decision to buy BlackBerry Storm or iPhone.

    Basic Features

    • Camera (3.2 MP)
    • Built-in GPS
    • Media Player
    • Video Recording
    • BlackBerry® Maps
    • Wireless Email
    • Organizer
    • Browser
    • Phone
    • Corporate Data Access
    • SMS/MMS

    Size and Weight

    4.43 inches (112.5 mm)

    2.45 inches (62.2 mm)

    0.55 inches (13.95 mm)

    5.5 ounces (155 grams)


    Wi-Fi Not Available In BlackBerry Storm

    For a fair review, I had to say that BlackBerry Storm has a big disadvantages because BlackBerry Storm can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

    Wi-Fi is a standard connection that connects you to the Internet using a hotspot located near you, and is quite a weird to know that BlackBerry Storm doesn’t have this support on Wi-Fi connection.

    Anyone with any experience of a smartphone, like the iPhone, knows that they are great because they can connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection, wherever you are.

    This is unexplainable and a real disappointment because Wi-Fi can help reduce phone charges and provide a better Web experience when you’re roaming around at home or at the office.

    Keyboard difficulties in BlackBerry Storm

    Among the problems users report is difficulty with the Storm’s three touchscreen keyboards.

    In vertical, or portrait mode, there are two choices: RIM’s SureType keyboard with two letters to a key, or a “multi-tap” keyboard that resembles a dial pad.

    In horizontal, or landscape, mode, there’s a QWERTY keyboard, with one character per key.

    But is the QWERTY keyboard in BlackBerry Storm was better than iPhone QWERTY keyboard was yet to know.

    Non-standard power and USB adapters in BlackBerry Storm

    The BlackBerry Storm also comes with a new set of USB and power adapters that do not match up with the standard BlackBerry connectors on current phones.

    This is a major pain in the neck, because if you already own a BlackBerry you probably have all of the adapters you need for the car, your laptop bag, the office, and maybe even a cradle at home.

    None of them will work with BlackBerry Storm so you’ll have to buy new accessories.

    Web browsing not so fancy in BlackBerry Storm

    Although Web pages look great on the Storm’s high quality display, the Web browsing experience on the Storm is much more clunky than the iPhone, which was the first device to make the Web usable on a smartphone.

    The iPhone still has the best Web viewing experience I’ve seen on a smartphone, which was very user friendly with the multi touch capability browsing.

    So far, RIM (Research In Motion) has not commented on the problems of its first all-touchscreen BlackBerry Storm, considered a h3 competitor to popular Apple’s touchscreen iPhone.