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iPhone WordPress Blog Software

  • WordPress blogging tools was no longer a mystery to any blogger in the world.

    If you do blog, then WordPress was one of the best blogging platform you can choose to blog.

    For iPhone owner, it became a paradise for blogger where there’s a version for iPhone WordPress for your free download from Apps Store.

    WordPress for iPhone – an open source iPhone app for WordPress blogs. Cool yeah…


    iPhone WordPress Blogging Feature

    Multiple Blog Account Setup

    You will love this where you can define more than 1 WordPress account in your iPhone WordPress.

    For people that deploy the WordPress in their own hosting server, this multiple blog account setup feature was applicable to them as well.

    Dynamic Blogging Screen

    The  latest update for iPhone WordPress was it now supports the blogging screen based on the accelerometer.

    If you want to have a larger area access to the keyboard, then just simply turn your iPhone another way and the WordPress will automatically adjust the screen to landscape mode.

    Comment Moderation

    Now you are able to use your iPhone WordPress to moderate the comment posted on your blog.

    Delete, Mark as Spam, Unapprove & Approve was the moderation feature available in iPhone WordPress.

    Writing Blog Page & Blog Post

    Now you can write your page & post using iPhone WordPress.

    You may add in photo as well to your page & post and set it as Local Draft, Draft or Published.

    Something You Need To Know

    The iPhone WordPress works with WordPress.com and self-installed WordPress 2.5.1 or higher, and WordPress MU 2.6 or higher.

    In iPhone WordPress version 1.2, you can select to resize the photo to 640×480 or publish the photos at their original size.

    If you new blog category setup in your WordPress.com or self-installed WordPress, you might need to remove the blog and add in back again to reflect the new category in iPhone WordPress.

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