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iPhone mBox Mail

  • Once you have unbox the iPhone and started it up, you will find that iPhone has the existing mail function that you can configure to connect to Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

    But poor thing, the existing mail function couldn’t be set to connect to Microsoft Hotmail and Windows Live Mail.

    That’s why we need to download the mBox Mail from iPhone Apps Store which cost USD 4.99

    Though it wasn’t a free apps from iPhone, but the application deserve every penny you paid for it.


    mBox Mail Feature

    Mail Server Support

    mBox Mail does support the connection to your mailbox in:

    – @hotmail.com

    – @msn.com

    – @live.com

    – @hotmail.co.uk

    – Other (never try this out yet)

    Passcode Protect

    This was a real cool feature by mBox Mail where you can set 4 digit passcode to protect just in case your iPhone was stolen, and you no need to worry that your e-mail will be access by bad guys.

    Live Contact Synchronization

    It’s really two thumbs up for mBox Mail where all the personal contact from your @hotmail.com will be sync into your apps.

    Whenever you send compose your e-mail, the recipient e-mail address will be loaded dynamically.

    Each time mBox Mail will fetch the latest contact set in your Windows Hotmail or Windows Live Mail

    E-mail Search Function

    mBox Mail does have search feature where you can search for e-mail content.

    Is a similar function that you can get when accessing Windows Live Mail and it comes handy when you got too many e-mail to read.

    So what are you waiting for today? Download this iPhone apps from Apps Store today.

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