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iPhone Camera Best Apps – Night Camera

  • Capturing night photo using the iPhone 2G or 3G camera was another major setback for photographer.

    The output from standard iPhone camera apps was pretty bad where you will see a lot of dot in the photo output.

    iPhone Night Camera

    The apps called Night Camera, addresses the issue of low-light (e.g. night time/dark indoor) photography with, on the surface, a rather neat image-stabilization hack:

    “Due to low light condition, the shutter time is longer, and even small shaking from the tapping of the camera button will make the photo un-usable.
    So, we created Night Camera, the app to prevent the blur at the first place. Using the built-in iPhone accelerometer, it automatically shoots the photo when it detects the iPhone being stable, so you have a real chance to get some good photos at night.”

    The interface of Night Camera itself is straightforward and often nearly identical to the normal camera pane that is used throughout the iPhone.

    You hold the camera as still as you can, and the apps will take the photo automatically when the time is right.

    iPhone Night Camera Options

    • Camera mode
    • Sensitivity
    • Full screen shutter (if auto shutter is off, tap the whole screen as the shutter button)
    • Vibration at review (great for self potraits)
    • Repeat (time mode only, take a photo in every x seconds)
    • Resolution (full 1600×1200 vs quick 427×320)
    • Film type: Color, B/W Grayscale, Sepia, Hard Light
    • Auto Save
    • Time Stamp


    Night Camera is worth a try for anyone looking to take better pictures via the iPhone.

    Night Camera is compatible with any iPhone running the iPhone 3.0 software update.

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