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iPhone Camera Best Apps – Darkroom Photography

  • iPhone 2G or 3G was equipped by the 2 Megapixel camera where the quality of the picture was easily blur sometimes when your hand was shaking while taking picture.

    The standard iPhone camera apps function doesn’t provide any image stabilizer mode causing a lack of photography functionality.

    Introducing Darkroom Photography

    Darkroom Photography (formerly known as Steady Cam) was one of the best iPhone camera apps I have ever used.

    It cames in 2 version, free and premium and you may download Darkroom Photography from iPhone Apps Store.

    If you iPhone photo always came out blurry then you might consider to buy Darkroom Photography for you use.

    Darkroom Premium is great for low-light shooting, self-pics, and propping up your iPhone and taking timed shots.

    The only weakness  I think is a problem with most iPhone camera apps, where the saving takes a while.

    Darkroom Photography Feature

    • One click photo taking
    • Auto shooting with clearer photo
    • Time shooting mode
    • Full screen shutter mode
    • Auto save
    • Preview save photo in apps
    • Setting screens to fine tune and optimize photo shooting styles
    • Cleaner interface, larger viewing window

    Darkroom Premium

    Darkroom Photography Shooting Modes

    Steady mode: Once you press the “shutter” button, Darkroom will automatically take the photo when your hand is stabled. Your photo will be saved into your Camera Roll and ready for your next shot. Compared to other camera applications, Darkroom prevents accidental movement caused by pressing the shutter, hence suitable for low-light environment (as a night camera) and unsteady hands. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the steady mode, here you can go for the maximum (10) when you want quality over time may take to steady your hand, or minimum (1) when you want speed over quality.

    Timer mode: Now you can set a timer to countdown and take your photos automatically. To take a clearer photo, try to set a timer and put your iPhone on something stable. Also, you can use this mode to take group photos with your friends.

    Fullscreen Shutter mode: When you activate this mode, the whole camera viewport is your shutter button. To take a clearer photo even without the steady mode, simply touch the middle part of the screen to shoot, while holding the top and bottom of your iPhone with the other hand. Additionally, you can use this mode to take self-portrait easily when the screen is turned away from you.

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