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iPhone Audio Recorder – iPro Recorder

  • iProRecorder was one of the best audio recording apps available in iPhone with great quality of sounds capturing.

    You can download iProRecorder from iPhone Apps Store and transform your iPhone into audio recording device.

    iProRecorder’s unique features, ease of use, and amazingly low price make it a must-have for anyone interested in transforming an iPhone (or an iPod Touch) into a full-fledged mobile audio recorder — perfect for quickly and easily capturing:

    • voice memos
    • lectures
    • sermons
    • legal briefings
    • field interviews
    • business meetings
    • dictation
    • music
    • ambient sounds
    • or anything else you can hear!


    Despite iProRecorder’s one-touch simplicity, its features and benefits outrank any competing iPhone app — and rival dedicated portable audio recorders that can cost hundreds of dollars.

    Recording Features

    • One-touch start and stop — easy, fast control
    • Pause during record — instantly pick up where you left off
    • Append recording — add onto an existing recording
    • Interrupt-friendly — recording automatically pauses when you get a call (or you can record without interruptions using the iPhone’s Airplane mode)
    • Input meters — clearly see if your record level is too high or too low
    • Record timer — sets a preset amount of time for recording.
    • Geographic tagging — iPhone location info shows where each recording took place
    • Adjustable record quality — choose from CD-quality, radio-quality, or dictation-quality (16-bit 44.1kHz, 22kHz, and 11kHz)
    • All audio files are uncompressed .WAV files — no compression means higher fidelity, and total playback compatibility with any computer or MP3 player
    • Record count-off beep — know when you’re recording
    • Rotate upside down — reorients the user interface when the iPhone mic is turned toward the recording source
    • Record as many audio files as your iPhone can hold —up to 13 hours per GB; up to approximately 200 hours for a 16GB iPhone

    Playback Features

    • Fast-forward & rewind — rapid access to any location within a thousandth of a second
    • Shuttle/jog wheel with scrubbing — shuttle playback back-and-forth, professional-style, to locate desired sections of audio; essential for transcribing
    • Playback meters — helps locate desired sections
    • Volume slider with overdrive — compensates for low recording levels with an adjustable “volume boost” control, giving you higher playback levels than can be obtained using just the iPhone’s internal master volume
    • Playback speed/pitch control — speed up (1.5x) or slow down (0.75x) playback; essential for transcribing


    File Management Features

    • Organize by categories — eases file management issues
    • Search — search by file names or keywords
    • Email recording — upload recording and email download link to any internet address (up to 100 MB)
    • Rename — rename a file at anytime
    • Attach picture — ideal for adding commentary to a photo or adding a photo to the recording of an interview subject (and you can email the picture with the recording)
    • Editing-compatible .WAV files — .WAV file format allows easy editing by almost any audio editing program (PC or Mac)
    • Send files via WiFi directly to Peak Express 6.0.4 (optional, several editions available separately from BIAS) — superb editing & processing, especially for podcasters, musicians, or anyone who needs to edit their recordings
    • Send files to Mac/PC via WiFi web sharing


    • Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch (2nd generation)
    • Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update
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