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iPhone Mobile News Reader

  • Mobile News is a mobile news reader in iPhone which can be download free from iPhone App Store.

    I have test on several mobile news reader and wasn’t amazed with the performance of other mobile news reader such as NYTimes.

    NYTimes mobile news reader does provides a good piece of news information but the loading speed of the news article was slow.


    Mobiles News was own by AP and mostly the news that you read can be seen in Yahoo! News which fetch the feed from AP News.

    What happen when you launch the Mobile News from your iPhone?

    Let say you choose to read Top News Headlines, all the news article will be sync and downloaded from AP News server to your iPhone.


    You will be experiencing a hang when the news article was downloaded to your iPhone, but is worthwhile to wait.

    Mobile News reader offers Photos and Videos viewing in your iPhone plus all the news you want to read.


    You can read U.S News, World News, Technology News, Business News, Politic News and other news in the Mobile News Reader.

    This is a must have mobile news reader in iPhone where you can free download Mobile News from iPhone App Store.

    Browsing the news in Mobile News in iPhone was faster than you browsing the news on Safari Web Browser.

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